Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thrash Mercenaries Tour 2016 Chronicles Part 1

The dice are cast and things are on the rise. That is how we are feeling at the moment. Before we start with a small tour chronicle, it is very important for us to thank those we shared the road with, because this has been an incredible experience. It is very possible that few years from now, we will look at this tour and still feel the same goosebumping feeling we are having now. So without further ado, Blaakyum would like to thank:
Lina Khatib , our incredible manager and dream maker, there is no other way to say this, we are here because of her.
Jeep Moncorger, the tour manager. We heard a lot of stories about how opening bands are treated horribly on tours, and how they are practically totally neglected. This was not the case with us; Jeep was such a caring person, we will never forget how every night Jeep would pass by our campervan more than once to make sure we are comfortable, every now and then he would "smuggle" us some goodies, never refused us a request, and was always ready to help despite his overwhelming job of taking care of everything.
Andy Maguire, the bus driver, or as his tag said: “Holy Driver”. This goes out to all touring bands in Europe: If you want an incredibly skillful, efficient yet safe monster of a driver, who also happens to be lots of fun and a joy to have around, look no further, contact Andy. It was a privilege getting to know this magnificent man.
Ludo 'MADTRASH' Petit, Ludo is an aeronautic mechanical engineer who volunteered to be the merch guy on the tour. Blaakyum has gained a great friend. Other than the fact that he is extremely practical and efficient in what he does, he is great to have around. Thank you Ludo for handling our merch, we are forever grateful.
Olivier Didillion. Although Olivier was not tasked with handling our sound, he did intervene few times to help the local venue sound engineers with our sound. Olivier was really funny and kept the spirit relaxed, and also he was there for us on stage when things went horribly wrong with the drumset during our show in Sczcecin, thank you so much buddy.
Those were the behind-the-scenes people who worked so hard for 16 days to make everything happen.
The list is still at its beginning so, and as to not make endlessly long posts, we will continue our thanks in the next one…
And here is the wonderful end of tour picture with No Return, Mors Principium Est, Onslaught, us and the guys we mentioned here
This was Blaakyum reporting from the aftermath of the Thrash Mercenaries Tour invasion of Europe.

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