Sunday, November 22, 2015

A message from our Management to our fans and Canal +

To all our fans who were looking forward to seeing our Canal Plus interview on November 22 during the program "L'effet papillon": We are as disappointed as you are by Canal Plus' lack of professionalism. Few days ago we were interviewed by Canal Plus television for a story on Lebanese musicians supporting others in light of the Paris attacks. On Sunday we were surprised to find out that we were omitted from the final cut of "L'effet papillon" without having been informed in advance about this omission. Of course, this is television, and these things happen. However:

1. Both BandAge (who were also interviewed) and ourselves had over the past few days publicised the piece on Facebook and Twitter and told all our fans to watch it so there was plenty of time for Canal Plus to inform us about the final cut.

2. Being the oldest established Metal band in Lebanon, and a pioneer whose struggle helped pave the way for other musicians in the country, and above all else, a band well known for its deep committment to social and political causes, we want our voice to be heard, especially at this critical time that we live in. It is important to show that the Metal scene in Lebanon, and not just the rock and mainstream music scene, is outraged by the Paris and Beirut attacks and that we all stand united against all forms of terrorism wherever it occurs.

It seems that mainstream television remains biased against Metal, because "L'effet papillon" gave plenty of time to bands from other genres but skipped Metal altogether. We are deeply disappointed with Canal Plus' lack of professionalism. We wrote to the reporter who interviewed us relaying this feedback and she did not even have the courtesy to reply. We know that she instead wrote to our friends from BandAge (who we are very happy to see featured in the segment) giving the lame excuse that there was "no time" in the report for Metal.

Our message remains the same despite Canal Plus' wasting of our time. As Blaakyum's founder and frontman Bassem Deaibess told the Canal Plus reporter in the interview that never aired, "in Metal we talk about death and terror all the time", so terrorist attacks "don't and won't scare us, if anything they make us angrier and more determined to fight back." And fight back we shall \m/

-Blaakyum Management

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