Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Vocals On The Tracks

Today I have started laying the vocal tracks down... I have just come to realise the amount of damage I have caused to my voice through smoking. I have only smoked during three years and a bit of my life, I started at the age of 30 and quit around three months ago (the not a long time but during these years I reach up to 5 packs a day!), and although the doctor did tell me that I'll recover at least 80% of my voice, I still need around 6 to 9 more months to get there, and I cannot simply delay the album that much, so we are doing our best with what we got. The results…. Well, are for you to judge once the album is out. It is a bliss, though, that I do not have to do high pitched vocals like those I do with The Hourglass, and thus this record will be out smoothly… I hope. Still I am so mad at myself for being so foolish and throwing my voice away like that, no vocalist would probably admit it the way I am doing now, but for all those vocalists out there, please do not take your voices for granted, it's a gem and it is easily destroyed.
Anyway at least I was able to record two main songs today:"Lord Of The Night" and "Am I Black" Though I am not satisfied with my voice (compared to the voice I had few years back) I did actual sound much better than I thought I will.

In the end, we are metalheads, and we are unbreakable, and I will deliver the best I can, so be read for this album when it's out, for we have put our souls into it \m/

We shall for ever...

Keep Metal Alive \m/

Bassem Deaibess

6:13 AM Tuesday 4th of October 2011

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