Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Night of Pure Metal it was

16 June 2013

Yesterday was a day that showed all those few who had hope in the Lebanese Metal Scene, that their hope was not misplaced. It showed those who were feeling that this scene is dying, that they were wrong, and I am sure they are more than happy to know they were wrong. I do not want this to be a thank you letter (but eventually it is) but rather this is a simple state of the current Lebanese Metal Scene status, as factual and real.
But first I need to thank all those who supported us, us the Metalheads and not just Blaakyum. In the past many kept criticising me for supporting the scene and performing endless gigs without getting paid, or accepting gigs that were not of very high standard, either supporting bands playing or the metal promoters, many kept saying that “what is the point? Just get what you can because there is no hope in the scene”, well today it showed that every band that supported this scene, played for free, or played in horrible conditions did the right thing, in the end it WILL pay off for our National scene. succeeding in Europe is nice. We performed in Egypt and now have a huge fan base there and that feels rewarding, it feels rewarding when we played in Ukraine and after the gig while we were signing CDs and autographs one fan who is Russian came shouting “WHY DIDN’T YOU PLAY LORD OF THE NIGHT!!?” yes it is rewarding to know that people far away from your homeland know your songs and are fans. But there is no glory for any band that does not connect with its national scene. There is no glory for a band that makes it international and forgets its roots and homeland and its local scene.
MY endless thanks goes to everyone who was there but need to name few and I apologise if I forgot many because really the support was endless:
Rebellion and Nocturna who shared the stage with us and asked nothing in return, they just wanted to do what pleases a Metal musician the most, play loud and play free, break the silence and bestow Metal Art upon the fans and friends. I want to thank Nigol for his endless support and doing more than he could to help in ANY way possible. I want to thank Charbel Kareh who was there from start to end dedicated his time and energy for the better of the whole and being selfless and giving, I want to thank him and Shady “El Marid” for overcoming the obstacles and make the performance happen against all odds, such spirit is inspiring.
I want to thank George (Sigford) Mimar for his true Metal Spirit and great music keeping everyone happy with the best Metal tunes around.
I want to thank InnerGuilt, especially Sako and Serj for their support, for keeping the Metal spirit true, and for being such great Metal Brothers, and great friends.
I want to thank Damage Rite (Previously called Postmortem), and its mastermind Jean Michel Elias, for his support and critics and for attending the gig despite his pressing obligations, JM knows the meaning of support as he was and still is of those who use to give his time go attend band rehearsals, give advice and try to help in any way he can when a band deserves it.
I want to thank Jean Pierre Haddad, and Kimaera for their support and for rising with the Lebanese Metal Scene to higher standards.
I want to thank Elie Braideh (the vocalist of Void) for his endless support and the amount of spirit lifting humour he has blessed us with along the years.
I want to thank Amal Daou for being the best Heavy Metal mother around, raising her kids on good music and supporting them to become great thinkers and great metal fans, don’t we all wish to have a mother who would tell her son:”you can study later come watch the concert now it is amazing”!?!?!
I want to thank Mo Jouzou, and his efforts to support Musicians and authentic arts sometimes on the expense of his own comfort, and working his ass off to create a good comfortable place for musicians to create their art in HMP.
I want to thank Nathalie J and Bandage, maybe one of the most underrated or rather unkown Metal Warrior is Nathalie simply because she supports the bands and push them and help them silently and without drawing too much attention to herself, she is a Soldier of Fortune, sometimes even helping the bands and scene without them knowing.
There are so many I should thank, so many that a book won’t suffice, Bahij El Khatib, Nizar Mikati, Lynn Zien (the Moshpit Queen) and Dahlia Noir, Zeina Ismail, Maria and Talar Jacob (the headbanger Queen) Carmina Khairalla (the wisest of us all) Razmig from the Lebanese Progressive Metal and Dilemma. 
I wanna thank Karim and Tarek from Yukunkun and want to point out the ENDLESS support Yukunkun is giving to the Metal Scene, despite the fact that they KNOW that they will be under scrutiny by local authorities and they know that a metal event does not generate money as much as other events such as Electronic or other mainstream events, yet accepted to support the Metal scene by giving the place on a Saturday night (the night were they make the most money) and despite knowing that Metal Fans are not frantic consumers who would pay so much to just drink and show off, they lowered their prices ON THEIR PEAK day... They helped in every possible way and still are working hard to provide a better experience for Metalheads, asking how can they improve since they have no experience with Metal events... Such great people deserve all our support and endless thanks.
Last but not least I want to thank my band, Blaakyum, I want to thank Jad Rany and Rabih who are rising up with this band against all odds, despite life pressures, family obligations, sickness, and financial situation, and they are making it happen. The amount of sacrifice they are doing for this band is OVERWHELMING.
The band management, Joelle Safi and Elia Mssawir for their unbelievable efforts, to support and rise with this band.
I want to thank Joelle Safi as well for being such a patient girlfriend, having to deal with my chaotic lifestyle and the obligations of the band and the Metal Scene.
This event has gathered a crowd that proved the scene is more than alive and kicking, it was such a gorgeous sight to see in the same crowd people from all ages, religions and walks of life, where you could see teenagers alongside much older Metalheads and rockers who are in their late 30s and late 40s, where we saw many of the well known figures of our Metal Scene supporting younger bands such as Rebellion and supporting their fellow Thrashers and Melodic Death metallers....

The Lebanese Metal Scene is more alive than we even think, and it is only through solidarity, unity and support that it will remain so. Finally the biggest thanks go to the fans, this scene will remain strong when you remain supporting your local bands.

Keep it up, and let us show this society that has marginalised us, oppressed us, and called us names, that we are way more mature, moral, and educated than many of them... We defy them... We Shall Rise \m/

Bassem Deaibess
from Blaakyum, a proudly Lebanese Metal Band

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