Friday, November 07, 2014

Proudly and Humbly Blaakyum on Metal-Bell Magazine cover

Blaakyum is honoured to be featured as the cover story of Metal Bell Magazine... Probably Metal-Bell Mag is one of the biggest achievements of our local Lebanese scene, The amount of effort and hard work of its team has landed it on a path of success after success, rising it into an authoritative Metal outlet not only in Lebanon but in the Middle East...

Check out issue #6 here:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Historical Interview

The site: Echoes And Dust has conducted an extensive interview with Blaakyum, delving into the Lebanese Metal Scene History... be sure to check it out:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lord Of The Night Now Available Online

Blaakyum debut album "Lord Of The Night" is now available as a Digital release on all major online outlets such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, 7Digital, Spotify, Shazam, and many others...

This is a good way for fans and friends outside Lebanon to get hold of the Album.

Enjoy a Metal album Made In Lebanon \m/

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking the Status Quo

Two unprecedented events happened within one week in Lebanon. The first was the Radio One's Jim Beam Rocks show hosting Blaakyum. It is definitely not the first time a Lebanese Metal band is interviewed on the Radio, but for the first time since at least the 90s Heavy Metal was played on a Lebanese Radio at PEAK TIME! We all remember the Dark Wave and Rock shows hosted on RML by Mr. Jyad El Murr and his efforts to keep a bit of Metal aired on the radio, but never was Metal aired on a peak time ever since the illegal rock stations were closed by the end of the 90s. So there we were between 7 and 8 pm a Radio peak time Heavy Metal was pouring out of Radio One, and it was not just any Metal it was purely Made In Lebanon. We thought as a band that they will only want to play the soft songs, for that I would have said: "Then why interviewing a Heavy Metal band?" but when we approached Maximus (the host), his reply was:"oh yea we will play Metal no problem". But Blaakyum was not the one who succeeded in being on air, definitely thanks to Radio One Lebanon and Jim Beam this happened, but what made this a milestone in the Lebanese Metal Scene was the amount of people who contacted Radio One during the show, Radio One has a Whatsapp number for people to contact the station, and the response was enormous. Both hosts Maximus and Stephany were impressed and told us that never have they received so much response while hosting a Lebanese band, the interview will be uploaded soon and you can hear that for yourselves.

 That was on the 25th of July, on the 2nd of August Blaakyum performed at Byblos international festival. Never before did an international Lebanese Festival approach a local Lebanese band… This is a step forward for the Lebanese Metal Scene to get the recognition it deserves, we are not noise, we are not marginal people, we are not drug addicts nor people of the occult, we are talented musicians and people with a peculiar taste in music, we are free thinkers, we question everything and this is reflected in our music… For this we need to thank Buzz Production, Byblos Festival organisers, Epica band and management, Radio One crew and management, and Jim Beam… Truly as is Jim Beam slogan, they are making History… We shall Rise with the Scene \m/ 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blaakyum interview on were very kind to interview us, check the interview on the most active Lebanese Metal online community:


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blaakyum in Online Media

Pinterest is a new an intelligent app that is sure to grow and become a major Social Network tool, Blaakyum has found it to be a great way to keep things organised and share with their fans what they like and what they have, a place to gather all what is spread online into a single concentrated place and save the endless search time.

In our Pinterest account we have gathered in one place all the reviews and Interviews with Blaakyum, check it out:

Follow Blaakyum's board Blaakyum in the Media on Pinterest.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blaakyum supporting Epica in Byblos International Festival 2014

2nd of August 2014

Blaakyum will be performing live as a support act for Epica in Byblos International festival. We have been honoured to be the first Lebanese Metal band to perform in a Lebanese International Festival of this magnitude, Blaakyum would like to thank Byblos Festival for supporting the local scene, and most importantly we would like to thank our fans who made this possible. Time to hit the stage again, and show the world what kind of Metal the Lebanese Bands are made of \m/ 

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