Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Roots? Bloody Roots? Dabbke Roots?

When Bassem Deaibess composed The Land back when he was with his cover band Communion in 2005, he wanted to see how people would react to having something oriental and Lebanese in his music. The Land was a heavy Rock song not entirely Metal. When Blaakyum was reformed in 2007, the band decided to make the song a bit heavier so it would sound Metalish and included it in their debut album in 2012 'Lord Of The Night'. The band didn't know what to expect, the idea was to create a different type of Oriental Metal not the typical Metal that usually relay almost completely on Keyboards to sound Oriental, like what most bands in the Middle East do, nor that uses a bit of oriental scales, which has been part of Rock and Metal in the west since forever (Kashimr, Gates of Babylon... etc). The aim was to sound authentic within the typical Metal band's instruments. It was a very positive experience, both the local scene and the international scene liked it. Now we are taking things one step further, incorporating our most traditional Folk, not just the Arabic Folk but the Levant Folk called Dabbkeh. We came up with this, let us know what you think.

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