Sunday, December 27, 2015

We've been Busy

Greetings friends and fans, supporters and haters, it has been a while since we updated you on what is going on.

Basically we have a lot going on and barely had time to leak anything out, well... of course other than that you guys know we've been to Italy and recorded our second album at the amazing Dyne Engine Studios, with the very talented Manuele Pesaresi... While Manuele is busying himself with the mixing of the album, we have been working on few stuff ourselves, we performed in the lovely Christmas Mission for the 4th time and we had a good time with our friends in supporting children in need, we are preparing few short footages to share with you about our trip to Wacken and then our little studio experience, and while the album is being mixed we have been doing small tweaking of our own.
As well Rock Ring released a live performance video of our song Baal Adon... All band members agreed that had we seen this video before recording the song we would have definitely made it as fast as we play it live.... hope you enjoy it

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