Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A simple reply to clarify the unacceptable lies that were said on Enta Horr show on Murr TV

Hello fans and friends, enemies and haters alike,
I will not indulge much in replying to all the lies said about the event we were playing in last Saturday on the 3rd of November 2012, because most lies are not worth replying to, and we understand that Joe Maalouf (the "journalist" that prepares and presents the show) is simply trying to raise the low ratings of his show by creating a "scoop", and we are used to being the scapegoats of such journalism. But since some lies were harmful to the band itself, and to clear the confusion we would like to point out that:

1. The place is not a monastery as the reporter insisted on calling it, it is an abandoned building that is totally empty and destroyed, no matter what it used to be before, today it is an abandoned building and not a standing monastery.
2. A police patrol went to the location in the middle of the concert and searched the place and people and did not find anything wrong and left.
3. The main point that concerns Blaakyum is that the reporter said that the event was under the patronage of the Ministry of culture!!
While it is true that Blaakyum thanked the ministry for their SUPPORT and NOT PATRONAGE, because they supported us in our Europe tour that happened in August, by a pleading letter to Middle East Airlines asking them to try and help us with the travelling tickets. There is no relation between this and the event on Saturday.

The fact that the reporter is calling an abandoned facility, a Monastery, and the fact that he is clamming that the Ministry of Culture gave patronage to this event while this never happened, is enough to show that the reporter and his program has no credibility whatsoever.

We urge our fans and supporters and all Metalheads not to post or reply on the program's facebook page, because lies are not worth replying to.

We will continue to have concerts, we do that publicly and openly and we invite everyone to attend and see for themselves what happens as we never did any secretive events.

Keep safe, and enjoy life.

Bassem Deaibess


Walid WolfLust said...

Well said!!

Dan said...


Endless said...
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Endless said...

Well said Bassem, mich 3ariff kiff bado yekhteri3 chi

Better'fly Lebanon - Digital Marketing Agency said...

Well said! Full support

Cookie said...

Welcome to Lebanon , and what's funny is the fact that mtv's logo is "Mtv mish la 7ada , l mtv elak " Well i guess that "Elak" excludes metalheads , or other people who respect that genre .

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