Friday, April 27, 2012

"First In Line" Lebanon Tour "Beirut" Diary

We usually post a bit about each gig we are playing within this tour, so far we covered Egypt, Zahel and Der El Qamar (Lebanon), but as we were about to put our thoughts into the Beirut gig diary we saw this clip on Elias Njeim's facebook page, and we thought, this would be our diary, so we hope you enjoy it:

This Clip was created by Mr. Julien Srour, Elias Njeim's personal photographer

Blaakyum would like to thank Julien Srour for this lovely clip.

(Footage from Blaakyum "First In Line" Tour - Beirut.
Music: Awakened Dreams (Studio Version)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New United Dawn for Lebanese Metal

It was worth mentioning that the Middle Eastern Scene has become a major point of attraction and that it has established itself as a main contributor to the new talents in the International Metal scene and Metal music under all it's sub-genres. It is more than obvious that MENA will play a major role in the New Age of Metal and will carry on the flame. So when Blaakyum and Cenotaph were announced to perform in Metal Heads' Mission Festival 2012, it was a great thing to see two bands from the Middle East preparing to assault Ukraine with Heavy, Thrash and Death Metal.

But then came the greatest news I have ever heard since I ever became a Lebanese Metalhead; Kimaera will join the set, so we can all add Doom to the list above \m/. There are no words that can describe my joy and enthusiasm, if I was so looking forward for our show in Ukraine (the second show we give in Europe after London in 2007, and the first in Eastern Europe) now I am looking forward for it a hundred folds. Having Kimaera with us in MHM Fest in Ukraine just boosted the band and my personal feeling of pride. There is nothing greater than sharing the stage with our Brothers... Kimaera and Blaakyum will be hitting the stage in Ukraine and we cannot wait to show everyone some good skull crushing head banging Lebanese Metal.

Here is for a United Lebanese Scene \m/

Bassem Deaibess

"First In Line" Lebanon Tour Diary

After Egypt, we came back right into the "First In Line" tour of Lebanon. Our first Stop was Zahle, the Bride of the Beqaa. The event was great, the band had a blast, and so did the fans, we enjoyed the good sound system (Better than most Beirut sounds we had to deal with). The night was smooth and we were welcomed by the Beqaa Metal fans with enthusiasm. (Beqaa Promoter 4 U 2 Feel)

Next stop was Der El Qamar the capital of the Shouf mountains... What can we say, the city is a beauty that is beyond description and to be playing there in a glorious pub made of stone... We really had a blast... And we loved seeing some really old timers, great spirited Metalheads from the elder generation. (Shouf Promoter Mark Azzi)

Our next stop is Beirut at Nova club this Saturday, and we can't wait to be back to the place that gave us Birth, to our hometown... Beirut, get ready to make the world feel the earth shake \m/

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Land of the Sphinx and the golden Pyramids has been conquered

Blaakyum would like to Thank Metal Blast crew, friends and fans who made this concert a possibility, The band gave one of its best shows, and we were blown away by the enthusiasm of the fans, and we loved witnessing the Egyptian Moshpit \m/ - As we said on our facebook fan page:

"...We can't wait to tell Lebanon about the Egyptian Metal scene, you guys keep it together, and we will Rise.

We would like also to say that the Egyptian bands, Karma and Wyvern are really great... Karma with its groove metal will definitely blow the minds of our Lebanese NuMetal fans, a very tight and ambitious band.
Wyvern, is a mirror of Blaakyum in Egypt, play a very similar style, being the oldest and having pass through the similar obstacles...

And last but not least Metal Blast crew, you guys are the Heroes of the Nile... And we will always be ready to cooperate with you, such high standard organization and professionalism... You kick some serious big fat fucking ass \m/

Egypt, we can say one thing: You Rock \m/
Keep Metal Alive... For We Shall Rise \m/"

Blaakyum album is on Sale at Vibe's studio in dokki - Cairo and at Bikya Book Store.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Blaakyum Playing At "Metal Heads' Mission" Ukraine

Metal Head's Mission Fest
Blaakyum has been confirmed to play at Metal Heads' Mission Festival Ukraine 2012 on August the 4th.
This event is part of the "Night Lords" tour in support of our debut album "Lord of The Night" we are looking forward to this new step in the history of the band, and will bring Middle Eastern Heavy and Thrash Metal to Europe. Stay tuned for more dates to be added.

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