Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"First In Line" Lebanon Tour Diary

After Egypt, we came back right into the "First In Line" tour of Lebanon. Our first Stop was Zahle, the Bride of the Beqaa. The event was great, the band had a blast, and so did the fans, we enjoyed the good sound system (Better than most Beirut sounds we had to deal with). The night was smooth and we were welcomed by the Beqaa Metal fans with enthusiasm. (Beqaa Promoter 4 U 2 Feel)

Next stop was Der El Qamar the capital of the Shouf mountains... What can we say, the city is a beauty that is beyond description and to be playing there in a glorious pub made of stone... We really had a blast... And we loved seeing some really old timers, great spirited Metalheads from the elder generation. (Shouf Promoter Mark Azzi)

Our next stop is Beirut at Nova club this Saturday, and we can't wait to be back to the place that gave us Birth, to our hometown... Beirut, get ready to make the world feel the earth shake \m/

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