Sunday, December 04, 2011

A word From our Mix Engineer and Co-Producer

Soldier of Fortune, Karim Noujaim
Finally I’m done pushing the record button for the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, and I believe we have it all. We really enjoyed these moments that developed a solid friendship and that will most likely be unforgettable for me and the band.
For the last 5 days I’ve been working on “Battle Roar” with Blaakyum, trying different processes for their instruments figuring out how all will be mixed together, compromising on how each band member likes the sound of his instrument, the way the production and me like the sound of the instruments, and the way they came all together. I can say that these last days were really constructive and we finally have a sound we like.

I hope you’ll enjoy “Battle Roar” while we’re polishing it and adding the final touches to it and while we’re working hard to finish Blaakyum’s album that will soon be released as scheduled and mentioned earlier.

The wait is over, it’s happening.
Karim Noujaim

You can listen to the un-mastered version of Battle Roar here

Battle Roar (First Edition, Un-mastered version)

12:55 AM 4th of December 2011

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