Monday, December 12, 2011

The Alchemist

Definitely mixing a song is like preparing a magic potion, yes yes the likes of Getafix's potions (From Asterix, in French known as Panoramix)!! It is such an art, really sound and mix engineers are as artistic as any musician, and the action of mixing a song, is subjective, with endless possibilities and variables, and a Mix Engineer like any other musician can be an amateur, a professional or a virtuoso!! And we are lucky to have someone as pro and as artistic as Mr. Noujaim.
What can I say about the mixing process? Hectic, time consuming, and totally unhealthy when you have a deadline and squeezing months worth of work into not weeks but days... BUT it is such a pleasure, that you'd really feel like an alchemist of old; Welcome apprentice, to modern days Alchemist Scholarly Wizard practices \m/
The work is going great, and with every fine tuning of new sound in a song, the thrill goes up, you'd never know what to expect when you tweak -0.08 db in the mix, or when you slightly lower that noisy fat 80Kh frequency!!! Thrilling is all that... Magic at it's best... And the results are getting better and better... What is being cooked IS delicious. And the results are on their way to the final stage.

One more thing to add, is the orchestration, specially of the first and last tracks,  these two tracks are being heavily orchestrated (the last track actually is simply a symphonic tune that does not include any band instrument, purely Orchestra), and it sounds to us as much as we hope it would sound to you, majestic, royal, classical and very soundtrack like... We cannot wait to release our wrath and unleash our worst fears, love, pain, anger, and aggression upon the world... The day of Judgement is nigh, and the Judge of all times, the Lord Of The Night shall enter, and as they say in court: ALL RISE \m/

Bassem Deaibess,

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