Sunday, August 07, 2011

Guitars: To Roar or not to Roar

I have been spending over 10 hours daily in the studio, working on laying down the guitar tracks (FOR THE 4TH TIME) using my 50 watt Randall RH50T Full Tubes half stack this time. Creating a distortion out of an amp that only have a heavy overdrive, can be tricky... Now don't get me wrong the RH50T is a killer amp with a wide range, from Blues to Thrash Metal sounds, but not when it is as fucked up as mine... Yet, the fact that it is fucked up gave a unique sound... Now the trick is to keep getting a heavy fat bottomed sound out of it, without much gain!!! Probably an expert guitarist would say this is not quite possible, since you need a lot of gain on overdrive to get a good distortion... But and I donno why, with my amp it is possible.

We reached a very satisfying, vintage yet Thrashy sound for the E tuned songs... but now things look less clear with the D turned songs... although the guitar sound is clear, it is not as powerful as we would like it to be.

I do not know why I am sharing these technical details on Blaakyum's website... probably out of frustration, but spending 10 hours everyday pounding your ears on distortion... you'd get a distortion overdose...


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