Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally We got the Sound... We got the Roaring thunder of Crunchy Thrash Metal \m/

After trying, time and time again, after being not satisfied to half satisfied, to "what the fuck is missing? Those damn palm mutes are not roaring enough" To "it sounds very clean but not heavy enough" then "it sounds so heavy but too dirty..." WE FINALLY got as close as possible to the sound we were looking for... As a bit old of a metalhead, I always loved fat bottomed, vintage sounds, the old dirty tube distortion that is so clean that you can hear the crank of every single string, yet it still sounds heavy as fuck and most importantly THRASHY... How can I describe the sound my little Randall RH50T Half Stack gave me today? Maybe if you think of Metallica's first album the Kill 'em All guitar sounds but added to it a bit of edge and modern micking techniques... Well I can finally say we got Blaakyum's rhythm guitar sound... If any of you ever heard of the Band Warrior (Specially the album War of Gods and Men), then our rhythm guitars sound a lot similar... and that is satisfying as their sound struck me the first time I heard it as extremely authentic... So yes if I want to sum it up, it's Kill 'em All sound mixed with Warriors… and definitely added Blaakyum's own flavor… can't wait to hear the final product.

We will post some rhythm samples soon to have your opinion...

CHEERS MATES... and Keep Metal Alive \m/

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