Friday, December 02, 2016

Thrash Mercenaries Tour 2016 Chronicles Part 2

Next on Thrash Mercenaries Tour 2016 Chronicles, we have No Return. This amazing French band plays a mix of Death and Thrash Metal, with guttery vocals, intricate guitar work and virtuoso solos. Apart from that, they are just a crazy bunch of motherfucking party animals.
It needs to be mentioned that they never were short of support for us, being there in the front row during most of our shows cheering for us. And in true Metal Brotherhood spirit, they helped us set up before almost every gig.
Geoffroy Lebon, the Rhythm Guitarist, was there for us whenever we needed him, setting up before the show and making sure we did not forget anything after it, and he was the one who helped our Bassist Pierre contain the damage of our camper-van after the misfortunate accident we had. On stage he is a monster of a performer.
It was the birthday of the Twins (the Bassist and Drummer) during the tour; that would be the great David and Joël Barbosa respectively, they too were a helping hand when it came to stage set up (thanks, guys!). Alain Clémentthe lead guitarist; we recommend that he insures his fingers, because it is such a sensation when he starts those lead licks. Mick Caesare is the vocalist from Hell. Other than his morbid vocals, he and Pierre were most of the time the ones setting up the back and side drops for all the bands.
Speaking of our bassist, it became evident, since he also is French, and considering that he spent so much time with No Return, that apparently being a party animal is in the French blood. Every time we lost Pierre, we found him somewhere going crazy with the French dudes!!
NO RETURN thank you for all the help and good times \B/.
This was Blaakyum reporting from the aftermath of the Thrash Mercenaries Europe invasion of 2016

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