Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blaakyum Metal 101 appearance cancelled

It is with regret that Blaakyum have to announce the cancellation of its appearance in Metal 101 Concert, due to timing issues, for the past week we have been in direct communication with Stephanie Sa Croix to try and work things out, as the date change was not suitable for us due to some of our band members being committed to other personal and musical businesses.
Till yesterday we were still trying to make this happen, but we realised that the risk of us not being able to make it on time is high, and thus we announce that we will not be able to perform on the 23rd of this month. Those of us who will be able to make it will be there to cheer for the bands and support the event. We thank the organisers for their hard work and we are sorry for their setback. And we are very sorry for our fans who were expecting us in this event. Hope we see you all soon. Support a united scene \m/


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