Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of A Tour, And a New Dawn Upon Us

Our Europe tour has ended, and our Night Lords' tour is about to end, and in the process of recovering from travel, we would like to thank everyone who contributed or helped achieving this dream: E.M Management, Ministry of Culture (Minister Gaby Layoun, Mr. Michelle, and especially Ms. Amal Mansour), Our sponsor Turkish Airlines, our financial support Mr. 

Samer Deaibess (you made this tour happen), our Polish Manager and best friend Miss Marta Górska, Lady Maceli Szpak for all her endless efforts, our dear friend Mr. Freddy Karam (the Chestnut runner), Progresja Klub (Poland) and it's owner Mr. Marek, Krzysiek from Beirut Pub (Poland), Randall Club (Slovakia), Metal Camp Festival 2012 (Slovenia), Metal Head's Mission Festival (Ukraine) and it's organiser Sergey, Mr. Wojtek Dobrogojski & Mr. Paweł Wygoda for their artistic eye and great photos, the Lebanese Metal Scene for being the birthplace of Blaakyum, and of course our fans! Here are few photos of our show in Warsaw and an interview after our show in Ukraine:

Click on Picture to enlarge
 Pictures taken by   Wojtek Dobrogojski & Paweł Wygoda 

Hopefully we are coming back next year to Europe and Egypt!
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