Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A letter from Lady Moon

On the night of "Lord Of The Night" release, Lady Moon sent this letter:

"My Lord... Sir Black.   
    Try as I may, I'm finding it difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Pride, awe, Love... but most of all reverence before a Genius.
    'Lord Of The Night' is not a musical album. It's a piece of divinity - a Masterpiece, at that. So much so we fear it may be beyond humans' capacity to comprehend and appreciate. But to the goDs and Dark Creatures whose souls are attuned to divinity, It is Art supreme. And today, It takes its place among them, in the High Spheres, where it belongs.
All our Love, devotion and immense appreciation to a Mighty Artist.
Lady Moon

Friday 13 Jan 2012"

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