Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lebanese Metal in Wacken 5/5

31st of July 2015 W:O:A Metal Battle results were announced.
On this day last year, Blaakyum planted a landmark in the Lebanese Metal Scene, and for Middle Eastern up-and-coming bands, by winning 3rd place at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2015.

The German Broadcasting corporation Deutsche Welle DW made this report about Blaakyum and we are delighted to share the full version with you now after the preview two days ago.

This came before Blaakyum made headline news on YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, after the band's historic performance at Tuska Open Air 2016 in Helsinki.

Blaakyum is proud and humbled to have already been featured on two major European broadcasters, in addition to breaking the media silence of the major Lebanese TV stations after the win at Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, as Blaakyum became the first Lebanese Metal Band to ever be featured in prime time news on Future TV and MurrTV and also the first Metal band to be interviewed live on Orbit, pan-Arab satellite channel.

Watch DW's report as it follows Blaakyum's pilgrimage in the holy land of Wacken!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tuska, That One Moment

This is our first official article after our Tuska Open Air concert in Helsinki, Finland. The reason for the delay is that we were simply overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the beauty of Finland, by it being the land of Metal, by the response we had from the audience who mostly did not know who we were and yet embraced us. During our Tuska set the audience was amazing, but it wasn't until we finished our set, and saw the reaction of the crowd as they cheered us goodbye that we realised that Finland has welcomed us with open arms. Here is a small video about our time on stage, make sure to watch the end so you would understand what we will never be able to say in words.

Also make sure to read the translation of a Finnish review about our set on our facebook here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

'Line Of Fear' Artwork and Tracklist

Track listing:
01. Crossing
02. The Line Of Fear
03. Wicked Revelation
04. Destined To Rise
05. Baal Adon
06. Religion Of Peace
07. Freedom Denied
08. I Am Who I Am
Bonus Track: Riot Against Riot (Available only on first edition CD)

Thursday, June 09, 2016

LINE OF FEAR Album out June 25th 2016

After our debut in 2012 we are more than happy to announce the release of our second album Line Of Fear, on the 25th of June 2016. 
The album will be available on all online stores, you can pre-order your copy from, iTunes, or any other outlet starting from now.

We Are Who We Are

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Riot Against Riot released online

Riot Against Riot is now available on iTune,, Spotify, Shezam and almost all other online music stores.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016

Our Frontman's feelings about the upcoming tour with Onslaught...

Our frontman Bassem Deaibess had an emotional moment when he received the news that Blaakyum will be supporting Onslaught in their 2016 Mercenaries of Thrash The Full Force tour... Here is what he had to say through his personal facebook page:

It is rather embarrassing to admit that I only discovered Onslaught in 2013... And that is a shame. But as their guitarist Nige told me when I admitted this to him in an online conversation back then, better late than never... Since the second my ears heard the following words, "Spitting blood in the face of god" and the mayhem that followed it, I have been hooked and the spell has never been lifted...
I am cursed to love this band and never stop being amazed at how freshly modern yet utterly Thrashy they sound. If anyone has followed me since 2013, you could see that I have on several occasions stated that Killing Peace is the one album I would listen to from start to end without skipping a single track.
Ever since that discovery, Onslaught became a band I relate to in every aspect. Usually when you are young, you tend to be fanatic about bands you like for various reasons, but rarely is maturity a part of it. But when you are well into your middle adult age, if you then feel towards a band the same way you felt towards Metallica back in the 80s or any such band that we fell for when we were teens, then you know that you are fond of this band because it kicks ass. My mature love for Onslaught seems to have no end.
Why this long introduction you say? Because I never imagined, for the life of me, that at any point soon, something like this would happen. I mean in 2013 we performed at MetalDays and Onslaught was on the bill, and we made it clear that we performed in the same festival, we wanted to have our name next to those UK-facemelting-Skullcrushing-Thrasher giants. But to now realise that we will be touring with them, well... words cannot truly describe how I feel.
I think I can be content that I have two huge highlights in my life so far: performing with one of my Idols, Zak Stevens (Vocalist of Savatage) ), when opening for Circle II Circle, and now touring with Onslaught (check them out at Onslaught official).
After years and years of struggling to perform, to write Metal music, to try to live the broken dream of every Middle Eastern Metal musician, all this has paid off... The journey has just began, and I can never be more grateful for all the support we have received from our local Lebanese scene (despite the haters) especially from Metal Bell MagazineYMeventand Rockring, and the support and encouragement we received in Wacken Open Air's WOA Metal Battle, but most of all, the people whom Blaakyum will always be indebted to: Samer DeaibessDany Deaïbessand the incredible Dream Maker, our manager Lina Khatib
WE ARE the Middle Eastern Thrash Mercenaries \m/
See you on the road and check out Mors Principium Est from Finland andNO RETURN from France, whom we will also have the honour to support on the Thrash Mercenaries Tour 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blaakyum on Europe tour with Onslaught

Click on poster to enlarge
Ever since we discovered Onslaught, this cult Thrash band has been an inspiration for Blaakyum. So imagine our thrill that the bulk of our second album “Line of Fear” tour will be to accompany no other than Onslaught on their tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their iconic album “The Force”!
We will be on the road with Onslaught as well as the amazing Mors Principium Est from Finland and NO RETURN from France for 16 days this autumn. Yes, 16 shows in 16 days in 8 countries, driving over 5000km as Thrash Mercenaries all over Europe!
The Thrash Mercenaries / The Full Force tour will take us back to familiar grounds like Progresja and Randal club where we performed on our first album tour in 2012, and many other awesome venues in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Check out the full list here and see you on the road!
16/09 - Hasselt (BE) / Muziekodroom
17/09 - Oberhausen (DE) / Helvete
18/09 - Rotterdam (NL) / Baroeg
19/09 - Roeselare (BE) / De Verlichte geest
20/09 - Weinheim (DE) / Cafe central
21/09 - Hamburg (DE) - Bambi Galore
22/09 - Copenhagen (DK) / KB18
23/09 - Gdańsk (PL) / B90
24/09 - Szczecin (PL) / Słowianin
25/09 - Warsaw (PL) / Progresja
26/09 - Košice (SK) / Collosseum
27/09 - Wien (AT) / Viper room
28/09 - Graz (AT) / Explosiv
29/09 - Bratislava (SK) / Randal club
30/09 - Praha (CZ) / Modrá Vopice
01/10 - Dresden (DE) / Skullcrusher
Stay tuned for more “Line of Fear” tour dates!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Lebanese Metal in Wacken 4/5

The Pilgrimage: this is a short 14 minutes clip capturing our moments during our pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Wacken Open Air Festival... we hope you enjoy it.

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